Technology Consulting


Silverbacks takes an agnostic approach towards technology to best fit your needs. We believe that technology can solve real problems by enabling new user experiences that promote growth and innovation.


We build across and for all devices, focusing on a client's entire digital ecosystem with context, mobile and user center design at its core to turn your ideas and designs into functional, reliable products and services.

Digital Consulting

Given the multifaceted nature of digital platforms, web channels and devices, Silverbacks focuses on identifying key digital initiatives in order to sustain long term continuity and business objectives.

Recent Case Studies

Optimizing technology investments improves business returns, and improves customer engagement through social media, analytics, mobility, automation, and cloud solutions that are appropriate for your business size and budget.

E-commerce Consulting

E-commerce encompasses many components. Silverbacks starts with a clear understanding of objectives, future goals, and current capabilites.

Recent Case Studies

Building the best e-commerce foundation can require several different technology systems and solutions. At Silverbacks, we provide unbiased technical assestments to identify areas of opportunities or build the right infrastructure and supporting technologies.

Rapid Interface Protyping

Silverbacks implements an iterative approach to user interface development by using open source tools and frameworks to generate user feedback, improve the final design, and reduce cost.

Recent Work

Prototypes range from visual low fidelity to content high fidelity. Depending on your business objectives and goals, we have a variety of tools to develop an interactive experience.

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